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Bell Oil & Gas was incorporated in January 2002 and has experienced unprecedented growth in the Nigerian oil industry. The company is an independent oil services company which was formed and wholly-owned by Nigerians. We have quick access to international markets via our geographical spread and technology, together with access to international lines of credit.

Our vast experience cuts across several facets of the industry, together with affiliations with a number of reputable foreign companies.

We are professional in applying this instinctive knowledge and experience to addressing your ongoing requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. Bell Oil & Gas has the reach and means to deliver high quality products and services. We understand first hand, the complexities and issues facing our industry, together with a strong grounding of the Nigerian culture and ways of conducting business. We are able to respond swiftly to our clients’ requirements in a unique way.

Our team at Bell Oil & Gas combine several years of experience gained from different sectors of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Our clients will testify of this, thanks to our technical expertise, client focus, on-time delivery, partnerships with world class companies, quality and speed of service. In addition to our complete professionalism, we are the benchmark for the industry.

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Bell Oil & Gas is a local Company with International Standard that attach huge importance to the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment of our People, Interested Parties, Stake- holders and recognize everyone’s interest is best served when Quality, Health, Safety and Environment become an integral part of daily Operations.

Please see attached policy for more information.

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