It began with an idea,

An idea worth changing continents for,

An idea that would birth many partnerships and unite people of many diversities,


It began with an idea.

This idea birthed many firsts,

First recruitment, first partnership, first project, first award,

And though it did bring such great firsts,

Along, with it, came first difficulties.


But we forged on,

For we had laid a strong foundation.

And on this foundation, strong processes and atop that, stronger people.

And every brick we built, we built with grace. His grace.


So when the wolf of low oil prices huffed, we stood.

When the wolf of the pandemic puffed, we stood.

Ours is the house that stood and will yet stand.

20 years today, 20 more from now. We’ll stand.


With our resilience and determination.

With our people and our processes, we will evolve and we will grow.

Ours is a tale truly worth being told, for we are built for continuity.

We are the house that stood

Happy 20th Anniversary.

Written by Erica Akpoborie, a Business Development Executive at Bell Oil and Gas 

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Position: Assistant General Manager

Ejiro Erivona has over 20 years of international experience in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. His expertise spans Business Operations Management , Business Development, Contracts and process management in the oil service industry as well as the Exploration and production segment of the Oil and Gas Business. 

He has managed key business divisions for various multinationals like Falcon, General Electric and Baker Hughes, working in various countries in Africa and North America, leading multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to achieve stellar business outcomes. Most recently, he held the position of Senior Manager, Operations at Nigeria’s Major E&P Independent- Conoil Producing Nigeria. 

Experienced in business startups, as well as new business generation, Ejiro has a track record of closing major deals in the IOCs, NOCs and marginal field operators in the sub-continent. 

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the university of wales and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Benin. He is also an alumnus of the Administrative College of India ( ASCI) 

Ejiro has a “Black Belt” in people and change management and has pursued the same with great flair. 

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