Representatives of BOG attended the NLNG Integrated Suppliers’ forum organized by NLNG in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The theme of the forum was: “Achieving Goal Zero and Value Maximization through Supply Chain Management.”

Many vendors were in attendance at the forum and the aim was to enhance value delivery in contract management and supplier relationship management through demand management, collaboration, innovation, creativity, market intelligence and continuous improvement in supply chain management.

The high point of the session was a discussion on how to tackle the current challenges facing the quality of service delivery from the vendors to NLNG and how to achieve Goal Zero in operations and maximize value through supply chain management. There was an interactive syndicate session of all the vendors in attendance and NLNG staff.

The main focus of the discussion/presentation were:

• Opportunities for maximizing value in our areas of business with NLNG.
• How to achieve HSE Goal Zero in our operations with NLNG.

It was an avenue for BOG to identify with some of NLNG’s management staff and build relationships that would help in our business activities.

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