BOG’S 20th Anniversary: CEO’s Appreciation Message

Dear all, It gives me great pleasure, accompanied by a flurry of emotions that cannot be described, to celebrate our 20th anniversary with everyone. Everyone should be encouraged by and proud of the BOG story. I certainly am. If you dig deeper, it is most inspiring. Although I was there from the very beginning, I […]

BOG At 20 – A Story of God’s Grace and Mercy.

To some, saying we are what and where we are by the grace of God sounds like a cliché, but it is true.How do you explain that Kayode Thomas (KT), a Business Analyst and I, an IT Project Manager, neither of whom had lived, nor worked in Nigeria (post-university education) nor in the industry, could […]

Congratulations To BOG At 20

One wise man called two other wise men to join him two decades ago Together the three wise men formed Bell Oil and Gas Limited Although the beginning was very humble The bells have not stopped ringing Through dedication, hard work, mutual respect, and intense discussions They built and sustained a proudly Nigerian Oil and […]

BOG At 20 – Super Thankful

I am thankful for BOG’s bravery – Her audacity to take the first step is the reason we can celebrate 20 years in business. I am thankful for BOG’s loyalty – Her allegiance to Nigerians and devotion to local content development is why we are all locals and proud to be called world-class professionals. I […]

BOG At 20 – ‘Twas The House That Stood

It began with an idea, An idea worth changing continents for, An idea that would birth many partnerships and unite people of many diversities, It began with an idea. This idea birthed many firsts, First recruitment, first partnership, first project, first award, And though it did bring such great firsts, Along, with it, came first […]

BOG At 20 – Success is Not an Accident

What motivates you? What gives you purpose?. What is your measurement of success, and what will guide you when things go wrong? You could call all of this a person’s “why”. It is the reason for anything we do, and the core of who we are. Knowing this is transformative, makes you more versatile and […]

BOG At 20 – The BOG Story Untold

There is beauty in telling the story about an institution as unique as BOG. Her grace lightens the path of her people for all to see and know, and I am one of them.   My BOG adventure didn’t start with the experience of a fully fitted resume but the guts and the determination to […]

BOG At 20 – The Birth of Greater Things…It Has Started

How time flies, everything looks different now, our baby of yesterday is now an adult; BOG is now 20 years! The journey has been an interesting one having ups and downs, but the ride is of great worth. Though new in the team, I have enjoyed exciting team activities and involvement with lots of thought-provoking […]

BOG At 20 – The Catalysis Has Begun, The Result will be Stentorian

In November 2010, I took the decision to join BOG. What ensued over the next ten years has been the most transformative experience of my career. I have seen BOG achieve many milestones and grow to become a reference point in some of its product and service offerings. Securing a multimillion-dollar contract for Procurement & […]