As part of BOG’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Kayode Thomas, the CEO, accepted to speak at the National Career Fair 2016. The career fair is an annual symposium on career information, business development, employment and economic opportunities for students, young professionals and SMEs in Nigeria.

The fair which seeks to generate “ideas for today and insight for tomorrow”, is a response to the growing needs of the society and student undergraduates for an all-encompassing career information programme. The fair is being championed by the Imperial Integrated Project; a social change youth focused business enterprise creating opportunities for students and young people in Nigeria.

Speaking at the fair, Kayode Thomas highlighted the importance of the fair to promoting opportunities for aspiring youth and young professionals who use the fair as a springboard to tap into career opportunities.

He noted that BOG would continue to assist and work with stakeholders on programmes that are meant to promote youth professionalism and entrepreneurship. He also underscored BOG’s readiness to engage consistently with youths participating in the fair.