What the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) does

Sundyne manufactures highly reliable, safe and efficient engineering pumps and compressors for use in the hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing, power generation, industrial, and high-pressure water applications in upstream and midstream oil and gas production.

Sundyne pumps and compressors are also used in refining, petrochemical, chemical, power and water process industries.

Sundyne has offices in Arvada, Colorado and Dijon, France. The Dijon office is responsible for all businesses in Africa

BOG’s relationship with the OEM

Bell Oil & Gas has been the sole expert channel partner for Sundyne in Nigeria, for over 15 years. We have handled various field services including sales, service, installation, and commissioning of Sundyne pumps.


Details about Products and Services

Sundyne manufactures different models of pumps including API 610 OH1, API 610 OH2, API 610 OH3, API 610 OH5 and API 610 OH6. These pumps are high-speed, single-stage and integrally geared. Sundyne also has single-stage integrally geared centrifugal compressors with models API 614 & API 617. Other models include API 684 sealless pumps and API 610 BB1, API 610 BB2, API 610 BB3, API 610 BB4, API 610 BB5, API 610 BB6, API 610 VS1, API 610 VS2 & API 610 VS4 pump

Sundyne API 610 OH2 Pump

Sundyne API 610 OH6 Pump

Latest Innovations

The latest range range of CSA Frame 1, magnet drive end suction, sealless centrifugal pump represents a leap in design and technology with its modular facility and interchangeability of parts.

The CSA Frame 1 Magnet Drive end suction centrifugal pump is essential for handling hazardous, toxic, or hot substances. It prevents the loss of high-value products. it also provides total containment that eliminates potentially dangerous leaks. These centrifugal pumps are built to be configured in a multitude of ways.

The range is based on several hydraulic sizes. The pumps fully conform to the current ASME B73.3dimensional, performance and construction requirements which have been specifically designed to allow onsite changes/upgrades to be carried out with ease.

CSA-Frame with Motor

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