Value $ 4.2 million

Eleven (11) BOG Nigerian certified personnel executed the fabrication, supply, installation, examination, testing and inspection of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) piping system for Meren GGCP & SONAM facilities in line with Chevron’s  quality and cost expectations for the following platforms and bridges; Gas Gathering Compression Platform (GGCP) – Deck / JKT / Piles – Flare / Flare Bridge / Tripod (2) – Bridge / Tripod (1).

The scope of work covered three major areas – Sonam Non-Associated Gas Well Project (NWP) a production platform , the Living Quarters Platform (LQP) and the interconnecting bridge between the two platforms. The GRE pipes installed are mainly for potable water, firefighting, and deluge systems. More than 600 spools were installed on the platforms which have about 22 hydrotest packages – 11 for LQP, one for Bridge, and 10 for NWP.

The successful completion of this project should contribute largely to Chevron’s current gas flaring reduction efforts in Nigeria.