Q1 – 20171. NOV SECURITY FAMILIARIZATON MEETING/AUDITThe Country Security Manager of NOV Fiberglass Systems, Mr. Rufus Okwuazu, visited BOG Port Harcourt Office on Wednesday, 8th of February, 2017 for a familiarization visit/audit of BOG’s system. This familiarization visit/audit included an assessment of our security procedures and preparedness for expatriates from NOV who might embark on a project with us.The NOV representative was received by a team from BOG Port Harcourt office comprising members of the QHSE Unit, the Operations Unit and the Administration Unit. The BOG Team conducted Mr. Okwuazu around our office and facilities in Port Harcourt, showing him the level of our preparedness to handle critical projects with NOV and other clients.Areas covered during the familiarization visit/audit include: BOG’s policy on security, logistics arrangement/journey management procedure, accommodation arrangement, security arrangement for expatriates in “high risk” areas, government approval for use of Mobile Police, health management arrangement for staff, training arrangement and emergency kits in operational vehicles.Mr. Okwuazu expressed satisfaction with what he saw and made recommendations for improvement.from left: Obinna Odum, Operations Manager (BOG); Rufus Okwuazu, Country Security Manager (NOV); Ayobami Oloyede, Assistant Administrative Manager (BOG); Ethelbert Chudi, Assistant QHSE Manager (BOG); Felix Obiaka, Supervisor – GRE (BOG) and Sunday Oladoja, Senior HSE Officer (BOG) during the familiarization visit/audit.2. JOINT NLNG AND CONTRACTOR CEOS SAFETY LEADERSHIP CONFERENCEThe Management of the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited and CEOs of contracting firms recently held a joint conference to reiterate the importance of maintaining a good safe working culture in their places of work. The conference, with theme: “Re-Settling the Baseline in Contractor Safety Leadership to Achieve Goal Zero”, was held at the Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on March 27, 2017. Our CEO, Kayode Thomas, was represented at the event by Obinna Odum – the Operations Manager.Speaking at the conference, the MD/CEO of the NLNG, Mr. Tony Attah, detailed the safety culture of the NLNG and emphasized the need for every contractor to comply with it. To him, safety should begin with the top management and then dovetail to every other staff of every organization. He submitted that every.During the conference, emphasis was also placed on the need for employees to get enough rest as lack of or insufficient rest affects employee productivity. A proper Journey Management Plan was also emphasized. It was posited that a journey well planned would help reduce risks. Other key highlights of the conference include: need to implement contract management and HSE plan, need for every personnel to be aware of what could possibly go wrong, and the need to provide staff with necessary trainings.CEOs at the conference were advised to:Include the basic needs of care of their personnel as part of their core values.Have the requisite insurance cover for all personnel.Improve on personnel Health Schemes as low health schemes have negative impacts and constitute a loss of investment. Based on that, occupational health physicians need to review the health schemes. In addition to HSE officers, companies are expected to have occupational health physicians.Do all that is reasonably practicable to sustain the health of personnel.Cross section of participants at the conference3. SHELL WELLS LEADERS AND CEO HSE FORUMIn March 2017, personnel of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in charge of well operations (Wells Leaders), organized a HSE Forum for CEOs of contracting firms. Our CEO, Kayode Thomas, was represented at the event by Assistant QHSE Manager, Chudi Ethelbert and Senior Product Specialist – Flow Control, Chinedu Nnenanya.The forum was chaired by Mr. Isaac Iyamu, General Manager, Wells, at SPDC. He brought a message of hope to contractors amidst the difficult times in the oil and gas industry, indicating that new business prospects and proposed projects in 2017 and 2018 abound.On business prospects for 2017, the Well Engineering Manager, SPDC, Mr. Mathias Akhideno, informed participants at the forum that the company projected drilling about 12 wells and carry out testing of about 20 wells. He also explained that the Assa-North Well would be delivered within the shortest possible time.The representatives of BOG’s CEO at the session returned with points for improvement, covering needs for robust and effective HSE planning; need for alignment of such with SPDC methods; the importance of Senior Management leadership commitment to HSE plans and programmes; standard journey management and security; need for continued HSE competence development; and health planning.L-R: Departmental Head of Well Head Maintenance, SPDC, Olatunji Williams; Assistant QHSE Manager, BOG, Chudi Ethelbert; and Senior Product Specialist – Flow Control, Chinedu Nnenanya, during the forum.Q2 – 20171. FIRE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS INSPECTIONOfficers from the Federal Fire Service visited BOG’s Port Harcourt office on the 7th of April, 2017 to inspect our emergency equipment and procedures. The objective of the visit was to ensure compliance with minimum standards prescribed by existing laws and regulations as contained in the under-listed regulations: Fire Service Act of 1963; National Fire Safety Code 2013; International Fire Code 2009 (IFPA); Decree 16 of 1987; Fire Protection Installation in Public building; and the Risk Assessment/Enforcement 2012.During the visit, the officers conducted general inspection of our facility, giving credit where the requirements were met and pointing out areas that should be improved upon. They inspected the generator area, fuel storage tanks area, emergency exits/doors, fire extinguishers, fire alarm system, muster point, signages, etc.Evidence of documented fire emergency action plan/procedure was also checked alongside other documentations like evidence of periodic enlightenment and awareness creation among staff, evidence of fire drill conducted, evidence of renewal of annual fire certificate and evidence of provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for deserving personnel.They were impressed with the overall preparedness of the company in case of fire, and gave their recommendations in a report.Sunday Oladoja, Senior HSE Officer, BOG (standing) explaining some points to inspection officers from the Federal Fire Service during their recent visit to BOG’s Port Harcourt office.2. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AUDITSRegulations Compliance Officers from the Environmental and Occupational Health Unit of Port Harcourt City Local Government Area, were at BOG’s Port Harcourt facility on Friday, 12th May, 2017 to check the level of our conformity to all applicable environmental and occupational health laws and regulations, especially as they affect personnel.They checked through our documents and inspected Some of the areas touched include: provision for personal hygiene of staff, source of water supply and its analysis, refuse collection; storage and disposal, provision of sanitary conveniences, etc. At the end, they were satisfied with what they saw and made recommendations.Similarly, officers from the Ministry of Environment, Environmental Health Section, led by Helen Ohaka, (empowered by the National Environmental Health Practice Regulations 2007, Mosquito destruction law 1966, Public Health Law 1999, Rivers State Environmental Protection Law, 1994, etc.) visited our Port Harcourt office on the 2nd of June, 2017 to verify the level of our conformity to environmental health and safety regulations.The focus was on pest control, industrial hygiene and water sanitation. They went through our documents using their checklist which covered several areas among which are: staff health facilities and surveillance, implementation of health and safety management system, source of water supply and treatment, pest and rodent control, compliance with waste management laws, proof of registration of agent and fumigation certificates for relevant quarter and building sanitation among others. At the end, they were satisfied with what they saw and made recommendations for improvement.Sunday Oladoja, Senior HSE Officer, BOG (left) with Compliance Officers from the Environmental and Occupational Unit of Port Harcourt City Local Government Area during a recent visit to BOG’s Port Harcourt Office.3. SHELL Q2 2017 WELLS LEADERS AND CONTRACTORS CEO FORUMBOG representatives attended the Shell Q2 2017 Wells Leaders and Contractors CEO Forum held on the 14th of June, 2017. Representing BOG at the forum were Chudi Ethelbert, Assistant Manager, QHSE and Clinton Idibia, Business Development Manager.The meeting was chaired by the G. M. Wells, SPDC., Mr. Isaac Iyamu. In attendance were other management staff of SPDC and was well attended by CEOs and representatives of Contractor companies.The focus of the forum was on the “Duty of Care” owed the workforce by companies. Numerous presentations were made by representatives from the Shell Petroleum Development Company and selected contractors to emphasize and drive home the need for organizations to continually care for their employees.From left: Victor Daudu (QHSSE Manager, DEL Waste Management Company); Chudi Ethelbert (Assistant QHSE Manager, BOG) and Mr. Wilson Essien (CEO, Unitech Drilling), during the forum.Q3 – 20171. ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCEAs part of BOG’s efforts to be in harmony with statutory regulatory requirements and ensure friendliness with the environment where we do business, an environmental audit of our operational base in Port Harcourt was carried out.The exercise was also in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Rivers State Ministry of Environment (RSME) 1991, 1999, 2005 and 2012 wherein the environmental media – Atmosphere, Biosphere, Lithosphere and Hydrosphere – checks on the premises of a company are carried out biennially and the report submitted to the Ministry of Environment.Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, BOG is committed to the protection of the health and safety of its workers by ensuring that the work environment is free from general health defects.An Environmental Consultant, Mabson Limited, carried out this exercise for BOG. The areas covered include bacteriological examination of potable water, dissolved elements in potable water, air quality checks for possible gaseous pollutants, noise level measurement, radiation survey, effluent (liquid) analysis. Vegetation distribution, waste stream and management were also checked. The exercise took place between 12th and 13th of September, 2017.The outcome of the exercise with their recommendations are expected as part of the Environmental Audit Report.The cross section of BOG Staff and the Environmental Audit Consultants during the kick off meeting after QHSE Induction. On the right are BOG’s QHSE Asst. Manager, Chudi Ethelbert and the M.D of Mabson Limited, Chukwudi Imabo.