Talent Management remains one of the most critical functions of Human Resources in modern day business environment. Its impact on organizational success cannot be over-emphasized. It is the whole process of attracting, recruiting, developing, retaining and engaging employees in an organization, all geared towards helping the organization achieve its set goals and objectives.

Talent Management was the centre-piece of the recently concluded Senior Human Resources Executives’ Conference (SHREC) 2018, organized by Workforce Group, a strategic Human Resources firm with interest in change management, corporate strategy development, talent management, technology deployment and outsourcing.

The conference brought together top HR professionals in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry to brainstorm, network and chart a new course for talent management in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

Twenty-five industry recognized speakers led panel discussions and over 300 senior HR executives participated in the conference. There were also CEOs who were invited to share their expectations of HR on talent management.

Delivering the keynote address, Ayobiyi Shote, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Abbeycourt Energy Services, highlighted the challenges of strategic talent management in contemporary business environment. He emphasized that HR leaders must be able to convince business owners of the importance of developing a sustainable talent management initiative and urged business owners (Chief Executive Officers, CEOs) to focus on the long-term benefits of such initiatives and not just the cost.

Panelists at the conference took turns to explain how they manage talents in their organizations, highlighting the challenges and successes recorded so far. They also dissected factors that can help HR leaders get the nod of CEOs for their talent management initiatives. There were 4 panel discussions over a 2-day period.

One of the panelists at the conference was BOG’s Senior HR Manager, Mrs. Jessy Eni. She explained how talents are managed in BOG, while urging CEOs to not only look at the cost implications of talent management but also the overall long-term benefits to the organization.

Jessy also contributed to a panel discussion on harnessing the potentials of millenial workforce in Oil and Gas. She spoke on the need to:

Some other panelists at the conference include: Professor Yomi Fawehinmi, HR Advisor, Chevron; Obinna Anaba, HR Director, SNEPCO; Kemi Banjo, Head of HR and Corporate Services, Waltersmith Oil Limited; Nduka Okoisor, Group Head, Human Capital, Forte Oil; Mrs. Ibifuro Olayomi, HR and Admin Manager, Total E & P and a host of other top HR professionals.

BOG’s Senior HR Manager, Mrs. Jessy Eni (far right) and other panelists at the conference.

BOG’s Senior Human Resource Manager, Jessy Eni, making a point during the recent Senior HR Executives Conference (SHREC) in Lagos.


Above: Some other panelists at the conference. Below: BOG’s Senior HR Manager, Mrs. Jessy Eni (far right) and other panelists during a panel discussion at the conference




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