MD/CEO’s Year End Message

“Success is not overnight. It is a result of following certain principles…You do not fall into it, neither does it fall on you”

– Kayode Thomas

The extract above summarizes the MD/CEO’s message to all staff during the Year End Briefing held recently in Lagos and Port Harcourt offices. Mr. Kayode Thomas started out by recognizing the importance of every role – cleaners, security guards, officers, managers and directors – to the success of the organization.

While emphasizing the importance of preparation as a prerequisite for success, he noted that success is not achieved by accident but by conscious/deliberate and continuous action. He urged members of staff to aspire to be among those who make things happen, not just those who watch things happen or those who comment on what has happened. He encouraged members of staff to do the following in order to become successful:

He also urged staff members to shun pride and laziness, as these are the two major obstacles to success.

In conclusion, he proposed a Personal Problem Management Methodology (PPMM) to all staff, as a guide to success. The PPMM embodies critical elements for success with a focus on Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (5 Ps). Elements of the PPMM are as summarized below:

EOY Pics

Mr. Kayode Thomas, MD/CEO, making a presentation during the Year End Briefing held in Port Harcourt office recently

EOY Pics 2

Mr. Ayo Aderibigbe, Chief Operating Officer (COO) addressing members of staff during the Year End Briefing held in Lagos recently

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