BOG continues to expand on the frontiers of the existing symbiotic relationship with its technical partners. This time, BOG’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kayode Thomas, visited OMB in Bergamo, Italy.

The visit, which focused on business expansion, provided an opportunity for the CEO to interact with top officials of OMB, get a feel of latest innovations and their applications and discuss alternative investment and expansion opportunities in Nigeria and Africa.

Top among issues discussed was capacity building through the establishment of a valve assembly plant in Nigeria where assembly, testing and painting of valves can be done. This has an expansive implication for local content development, knowledge transfer, capacity development and the resulting economic benefits such a giant stride would bring to Nigeria.

The valve assembly plant, when completed, will not only position BOG and OMB to better meet the needs of numerous International Oil Companies (IOCs) operating in Nigeria’s energy sector, but will also serve as a springboard for more of such projects and collaborations between BOG and other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). It will be the first of its kind in Nigeria, opening the doors for more of such cooperative campaigns in the near future.

In addition, it will be a further testament to the local content focus of BOG and the overall drive towards Nigerian Content Development. The visit was very fruitful, with OMB officials expressing delight at the opportunity to take their partnership with BOG to the next level.

Roberto Magni (left) and Karim Zareba (right), both of OMB, with BOG’s CEO, Kayode Thomas (centre) during the recent visit.

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