As a leader in the Rotating Equipment (RE) space focused on championing local content development in-country, BOG organized a free training workshop in collaboration with its reputable partners, Milton Roy, YZ Systems, and Williams Metering pumps, on Thursday, May 27th.

The virtual workshop focused on training end-users about the latest pumps, products, top maintenance techniques and global solutions to reduce operating expenses (OPEX). The key objective of this training was to educate and improve the skills of end-users comprising procurement and project managers, maintenance engineers and supervisors, and government agencies and regulators.

There were presentations on Products, Global solutions, and maintenance of pumps in the oil and gas industry. The presentations focused on Milton Roy pumps and system products, Williams pneumatic pump and YZ systems odorant injection systems. The speakers dwelt much on all the competitive advantages of these products and how they can add value to the production processes in the oil and gas industry.

Speakers at the workshop included Brice Marsal, a material and fluids mechanics expert who is Milton Roy Europe’s Area Sales Manager for Africa, Coogan Cameron (a pumps and instrumentation expert), the Product Manager for Williams pumps and Ali Jarad (an odorization for National Gas and Sampling Systems expert), the Product Manager for YZ Systems .

The workshop was very insightful and engaging. The participants left the seminar with top-notch ideas  needed to improve the performance of the pumps to boost production efficiency.

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