Oilfield Solutions (OFS) is BOG’s exclusive technical partner on turbo-machinery and balance of plant. We are currently collaborating with Solar Turbines, an innovative energy solution provider with a focus on solar turbine systems, through our technical partner for turbo machinery, OFS.

A turbine is a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it for human use. By extension, turbo machinery describes machines that transfer energy between a fluid and a rotor. Balance of plant means all accessories around a turbo-machinery that enhance the operation of the turbine, such as fuel gas system, water system, cooling system and exhaust system.

There has been a technical site survey agreement to understand the real scope of the support BOG would provide to Solar Turbines. Working with OFS, we will provide all the needed support to ensure the effectiveness of the balance of plant at Solar Turbines.

A team of representatives from Solar Turbines visited BOG recently to explore the possible areas of collaboration between the two companies. Osagie Aiegimenlen and Michael Eghaevba, both Account Managers at Solar Turbines Limited met with members of BOG’s Rotating Equipment Team. They were impressed with the technical capabilities on display in BOG and are willing to collaborate with us to maintain their Solar Turbine systems.

Representatives of Solar Turbines Limited in a group photograph with BOG officials during a recent visit to our Port Harcourt office.

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