Seplat Amukpe to Sapele Produced Water (PW) Disposal Project

The construction and installation of GRE spoolable pipes for the Seplat Amukpe to Sapele Produced Water Disposal Project commenced on the 14th of February 2016. It is the first of its kind in Nigeria. The project is planned to last for 56 days.

The 6.5 inches pipe being used for the project covers a total Length 14.35 kilometers and will run through land and swampy terrains. BOG has 17 people presently working on the project. This includes community helpers.

The Field Service Engineers have exhibited understanding of the technology and the installation. They have also exhibited a lot of maturity, working in an environment that is particularly harsh and hostile.

When completed, the project will take care of excess produced water from the Liquid Treatment Facility at Amukpe, by channeling such from Amukpe to Sapele, into a disposal well (Sapele Well 4).

In turn, this will help Seplat minimize the cost of engaging a third party to handle produced water, thereby saving the company revenue.

Sapele GRE

Pipe crates being removed in preparation for deployment

Sapele GRE 1

Above: BOG Field Service Engineers unbundling GRE pipes in preparation for pipe laying. Below: GRE spoolable pipes being laid after excavation using a swamp buggy

Sapele GRE 2

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