COVID 19; The Silver Lining- Kayode Thomas  

The book, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is an enlightening story on the physical and emotional journeys of four characters: two humans and two mice as they search, find, lose and rediscover their favorite food- cheese, in a large and twisting maze.

The maze in this book represents our environment where we work and live. The cheese is a metaphor for what we seek daily, the money, careers, networks and other activities that we thought we couldn’t live without until the emergence of Corona Virus.

When the cheese disappears, the two mice enthusiastically head out into the maze to find new cheese. The two humans, however, feel betrayed and complain. They waste their time and energy rather than adapt to the new situation.

The book highlights two key lessons:

1]Change is inevitable.

2]To find happiness we must adapt to change

Covid-19 and its impact is a situation that no one could predict but it should not stop /erode our hope and happiness.  This is not the time to ask who moved my cheese? This is not the time to dwell on negative narratives. This is the time to move forward and think positively.  I just knew that 2020 will be the year for the positive thinker.

Positive things have come out of the worst crisis. Think about World Wars that gave birth to new technologies and the opportunities for women to gain economic independence.

The presence of Covid- 19 has given us the opportunity to learn new and good habits. Wash your hands for 20secs, which a few months ago must have felt like a long painstaking chore. Now it’s the new normal we need to adapt to.

I sincerely sympathize with those who have lost loved ones. My prayers are with you. Please keep hope alive.  Corona Virus is here but we must not live in fear but in faith. It is time to adapt to the new normal. We must not take anything for granted but take our hygiene seriously, maintain our social distance and stay positive!

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