Dear  all,

I  hope you have all been keeping safe.

Since  1889  when an international federation of socialist groups and trade unions earmarked the  1st  of  May in support of  ‘labor’,  that date has come to symbolize all workers irrespective of our profession.  It is a  day to stop and applaud the achievements of all workers,  without whom businesses and society at large cannot exist.  Essentially, today is workers’  birthday.

I  firmly believe we were all created to  ‘work’  in one form or another,  because for many,  “purpose”  is fulfilled one way or another via  “work”.    As evidenced from the creation,  God did not send rain initially and so plants did not spring up because there was no one to  ‘work’  the ground  (Gen  2:5).  This defined the purpose of  ‘man’.  As we have seen across the globe,  the selflessness of many workers has gone a  long way into controlling a  pandemic never seen by the world before.  An environment,  a  society,  or an organization can indeed only flourish when there are people ready to  ‘work’  the ground.

And so as we commemorate today,  the phrase  ‘dignity in labor’  comes to mind.  Respecting any kind of labor,  be that intellectual or manual,  is the true meaning of this phrase.  It implies that no occupation should be considered superior to another.

On behalf of the entire  BOG  management,  I  salute all workers regardless of gender, position, or title,  for their unflinching dedication and commitment as we continue to march towards our purpose and apogee.



Kayode  Thomas  (Managing  Director/CEO)

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