The Power of Focus

As 2018 draws to a close, BOG’s CEO, Kayode Thomas, delivered a well-articulated year-end message to all employees both in Lagos and Port Harcourt offices on the Power of Focus in both personal and corporate lives.

This year, he concentrated on how to achieve focus and its importance going into the New Year – 2019.

The CEO explained that the number one thing that stops people from getting what they want is lack of focus. He added that focus:

To further drive home his point, the CEO likened human beings to springs, with the ability to bounce back. As such, no matter the situation or challenges being faced, individuals must remain determined.

He also highlighted some inhibitors to achieving focus as follows;

He urged staff members to prepare, be determined, take responsibility and remain positive regardless of any challenges they might be facing.

To him, achieving focus is a task every individual must take seriously. He recommeded the following as guides to achieve focus:

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