The Chevron Manpower Contractor Audit kicked off with a meeting that had Chevron auditors, Edwin Michael (Lead), Karen Molina, BOG’s Senior Managers, Jessy Eni and Yemi Gbeja, BOG’s Major Projects Supervisor, Henry Abosi and other participants in attendance. The meeting was held at BOG’s Lagos facility.

The objectives of the audit are to verify contractor compliance and to review billings to determine the accuracy and conformity to applicable rates and discounts. The review period will cover January 2015 through December 2017 with an emphasis on current/recent business processes. The audit will run from June 21 to July 13, 2018.

Henry Abosi kickstarted the meeting by welcoming all present for the meeting and introducing all participants.

A safety induction was given by Olatunde Akinade of BOG. He introduced BOG as a safety conscious company with the safety of personnel and the environment in mind. He explained the safe practices BOG adheres to, which make the company a good working environment. He also informed the visiting auditors that BOG is ISO 9001 certified.

There was also a short company presentation by Yemi Gbeja. She briefly introduced the company, its product and services and working principle with major contributions from Jessy Eni. Jessy further talked on the BOG and CNL working relationship in relation to the Manpower Supply Project. She further expanded on the processes and procedures involved in managing manpower.

The visiting auditors also sought to know about any challenges BOG is facing on the project and how they are being managed.

Above and below: Cross section of Auditors from Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) and BOG officials during a kick-off meeting for the audit.

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