BOG Haimo Multiphase Flow Meter

After 5 years of industry meltdown, in April 2019, ExxonMobil commenced a drilling campaign of 3 Offshore fields – OSO, Asasa and Usari. Three drilling rigs were mobilised for this campaign – the Borr Gerd, Borr Groa and Shelf Drilling Trident XIV rigs.

BOG in collaboration with Expro, an international oilfield service company that surveys and manages oil and gas wells was awarded a 3-year Well Test contract by ExxonMobil in July 2019.

BOG-Expro Well Test team embarked on the first well test campaign on December 27, 2019.

The scope of work included Maximum Efficiency Ratio (MER) well testing using the Haimo Multiphase Flowmeter (MPFM) “reputed” for providing accurate measurements of various well stream phases without separation, and cleanup of Asasa 19B Producer well on Exxon Mobil Asasa field, offshore Nigeria on the Borr Gerd drilling rig.

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