BOG field service engineers and a field service representative from Milton Roy are currently handling the commissioning of a Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Package at the new K2S Gas Plant of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Project. They were mobilized to the Kolo Creek site in Bayelsa State on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

The project is ongoing and involves the commissioning of Milton Roy’s Chemical Injection Skid for Corrosion Inhibition Injection and then training SPDC personnel on the installation, operation and maintenance of the package.

A Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Package is used to prevent corrosion on critical oil and gas installations. It does this by injecting corrosion-preventing chemicals into gas supply lines.

The project is scheduled for ten working days.

The Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Package at K2S Kolo Creek, Bayelsa State


Above and below: BOG engineers and a Milton Roy Representative during pre-commissioning checks on the Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Package.

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