BOG engineers commissioned an Ingersoll Rand (IR) Nitrogen Air Package at Greenville Oil and Gas, Rumuji Plant in Rivers State. IR is BOG’s technical partner for centrifugal and rotary screw compressors and pumps.

Air is a mixture of molecular gases. It consists of 78 per cent Nitrogen, 21 per cent Oxygen and 1 per cent other compounds. A Nitrogen Air package comprises a compressor, a heater, filtration membranes, instrument and control units (valves), an oxygen analyzer and control panel(s) among other equipment.

The configuration of all the aforementioned units is aimed at producing a percentage of Nitrogen required for application in a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant.

The Ingersoll Rand Nitrogen Air Package achieves 97 per cent pure quality Nitrogen and less than 3 per cent Oxygen in a gas plant. The Nitrogen generated is used for pressure testing and other relevant applications. It is also used to power gas compressors and other units within the gas plant.

The commissioning has made Greenville LNG plant ready for the processing of liquefied natural gas. A liquefied natural gas plant is incomplete without a Nitrogen Air package. The project lasted for 4 days.

On-the-job training

The commissioning of the Nitrogen Air Package also provided a platform for an on-the-job training for BOG personnel on the project. It enabled the trainees to appreciate the mechanism and principles of operation of an IR Nitrogen air compressor.

BOG Rotating Equipment Engineers troubleshooting an AC Controller at Greenville LNG Plant in Rumuji, Rivers State.

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