Greenville Liquefied Natural Gas Co. Ltd. produces and delivers gas to all parts of Nigeria for existing industries and revives shutdown/crippled Industries due to lack of power or lack of competitive power supply options.

On the 6th of December, BOG, the sole representative of Sundyne, was invited to commission a Sundyne gas compressor installed at the regeneration unit on Train 1 in the facility.

The Sundyne gas compressor in the regeneration unit aids the separation and other heavy hydrocarbons from the inlet gas to ensure that the final product is within the acceptable specification.

The liquefied Natural Gas produced must be of high quality by removing the bulk of the water and some heavy hydrocarbons so that the product will not be far off-specification.

Greenville has the facility to produce LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and the logistics to supply the LNG to all locations across Nigeria.

Sundyne Gas Compressor

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