Composite Pipe Systems​

Our Bondstrand Glassfibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes and fittings are manufactured by NOV Fiberglass Systems. GRE pipes are well suited for environments where corrosion resistance is required at a reasonable price. Main uses include petrochemical process lines, oil and gas systems, fire-fighting systems, offshore and onshore systems, and ship and marine applications. 

Lightweight and easy to handle and install, GRE pipes have a smooth internal surface that reduces friction and enables a smoother flow capacity. The lower thermal conductivity in GRE pipes compared to steel, also reduces insulation costs and heat loss. Once they are installed, GRE pipes are more or less maintenance-free. GRE pipes are available with diameters ranging from 25mm – 1200 mm.

BOG also offers procurement and services for Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and Glass Reinforced Vinylester (GRVE) pipes. GRP/GRVE pipes are specially designed for sanitary sewerage collection & drainage systems, water transmission and distribution & seawater intake and other applications.

GRVE pipes are manufactured in standard lengths of 6m and 12m (custom lengths of up to 18 meters) and can handle pressures from gravity up to 32 bars. They are available in the sizes ranging from DN 80mm to DN 4000mm.

There are various options in jointing systems for GRE/GRP/GRVE pipes such as: Lamination Joint (Butt& Wrap Joint), Mechanical Joint, Double Bell Coupler Joint, and others.

Composite Handrails & Gratings

Our handrails provide lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and robust solutions with excellent fire resistance, low smoke emission and low toxic fume emissions, all of which are essential in the offshore and marine industries.

Our fire resistant composite gratings are manufactured with the highest quality standards. These gratings have the best strength-to-strength ratio for projects that require maximum weight optimization protection. They are ideal substitutes for aluminium or steel in corrosive environments and are suitable for marine, offshore, and chemical applications.

CPS Services

Applications & Jointing Systems

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Position: Assistant General Manager

Ejiro Erivona has over 20 years of international experience in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. His expertise spans Business Operations Management , Business Development, Contracts and process management in the oil service industry as well as the Exploration and production segment of the Oil and Gas Business. 

He has managed key business divisions for various multinationals like Falcon, General Electric and Baker Hughes, working in various countries in Africa and North America, leading multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to achieve stellar business outcomes. Most recently, he held the position of Senior Manager, Operations at Nigeria’s Major E&P Independent- Conoil Producing Nigeria. 

Experienced in business startups, as well as new business generation, Ejiro has a track record of closing major deals in the IOCs, NOCs and marginal field operators in the sub-continent. 

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the university of wales and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Benin. He is also an alumnus of the Administrative College of India ( ASCI) 

Ejiro has a “Black Belt” in people and change management and has pursued the same with great flair. 

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