BOG recently delivered and installed Marine Loading Arms (MLAs) to the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) Calabar jetty. The Supply Chain Department coordinated the successful delivery of the loading arms.

The consignment was shipped and delivered in three (3) 40 feet containers. Each of them containing 23 pieces of knocked-down Marine Loading Arms.

The Gross Weight of the three containers is 23 Metric Tonnes. The three (3) containers were loaded on 3 flatbed trucks and delivered to the client yard. An Operations Team from BOG installed the Loading Arms.


Personnel during delivery of loading arms to Calabar Jetty


PPMC Marine Loading Arms Installation Project

The project involved engineering design, fabrication of the loading arms, isolation and flushing of suction and delivery lines to the obsolete loading arms, removal of the old foundation housing from existing loading arms and carting away the demolished spoils. It also involved installation of hold bolts, down bolts and cast with Grade 30 concrete; installation of loading arms, painting of all the pipes on the platform to the metering unit, calibration and setting up of the system for commissioning, commissioning, training coupled with supervision and handing over of the unit.

The detailed and basic engineering design plus fabrication of the MLAs were done by BOG in partnership with Woodfield Systems Ltd, UK. This was done between September 2014 and March 2015. A factory acceptance test was done on the 27th March, 2015.

As part of the requirement for the contract, our partner (Woodfield Systems) was expected to send one of her engineers to supervise the job. However, due to ongoing internal restrictions at Woodfield, an engineer was not sent.

Upon receipt of the loading arms at PPMC Jetty Calabar, on August 18, 2015, BOG’s team of engineers begun the process of installation. This took place from August 30 to September 13, 2015. The installation was done under 14 days, pre-commissioning is expected to last for three (3) days, commissioning for two (2) and 3 days for training of PPMC personnel that will handle the equipment.

At the moment, installation has been concluded and the Managing Director of Woodfield Systems, Mr. Richard Williams, confirmed that it is really good. This is a practical demonstration of local content being exhibited by BOG.

A seasoned engineer from BOG will train PPMC personnel with practical demonstrations on how the equipment will be used and maintained. Pre-commissioning, commissioning and training are planned within the first three weeks in October 2015.


Coupling of the arm, swivels and other components


Cross section of BOG Operations Team on the PPMC Installation Project


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