Recently, we delivered different sizes of RP valves to Beneprojecti Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt. The valve sizes which range from ½ inch to 24 inches were delivered for use on one of Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN)’s pigging facility upgrade project being handled by Beneprojecti.

Beneprojecti is an Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management and Marine (EPCMM)Company. They are currently handling the upgrade of Mobil’s pigging facility.

RP Valves is a renowned stockist of different sizes of valves, with a niche for supplying valves on extremely short delivery time. They have a vast portfolio of valves from prominent manufacturers, ranging from gate, globe, check, ball to butterfly valves.

A valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of fluids (gases, liquids, fluidized solids or slurries) by opening, closing or partially obstructing passageways. They are critical to the optimal operations of most oil facilities.

BOG successfully delivered the valves within a very short lead time in order to ensure the project is completed on schedule. Another testimony to BOG’s commitment to support companies operating in the oil and gas industry.

Above and Below: different sizes of RP Valves BOG delivered to Beneprojecti Nigeria Limited for the Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) Pigging Facility Upgrade Project.


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