The EVP initiative has the overriding objective of defining what BOG offers its people in return for their contributions. In other words, it is ultimately expected to promote our values, while at the same time creating high quality, positive perceptions, culture and values that attract and retain the best in the BOG environment.

Our staff members are the focal point and are recognized, value-driven, motivated and rewarded. Our objective to develop a highly skilled and motivated workforce is considered the single most critical component in achieving the rest of our strategic objectives as depicted in the diagram above.

In order to achieve the EVP initiative, the following steps were taken:

• Focus group set-up

• Employee engagement survey

• Recruitment practice scorecard

• Hiring brief questionnaire

• Top performer job analysis

• Exit interview analysis

• EVP questionnaire

• Management away day

• Management deliberations

• Decisions

A number of staff benefits and rewards initiatives have been introduced to set the tone for an exciting year ahead.

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