Regulations Compliance Officers from the Ministry of Environment, Environmental Health Section, led by Matilda Orlu, visited our Port Harcourt office in July 2018 to verify the level of our conformity to environmental health and safety regulations and to verify how well the health of workers are being protected.

The focus was on pest control, industrial hygiene and water sanitation. They went through documentations using their own checklist. This checklist covered several areas among which are: staff health facilities and surveillance, implementation of health and safety management system, source of water supply and treatment, pest and rodent control, compliance with waste management laws, proof of registration of agent and fumigation certificates for relevant quarter, building sanitation and potable water analysis among others.

Our premises was certified fit at the end of the visit. They advised us to continually improve.

The inspectors (in uniform) in a meeting with BOG’s QHSE Team in Port Harcourt

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