What the Company Does

Milton Roy(MR) specialises in manufacturing/ production of chemical injection pumps (electrically and pneumatically driven), mixers, side entry mixers, chemical injection skids and gas odorization systems.

Milton Roy is based in France. The company has factories in locations around the world (United States of America, UAE(Dubai), India and China).


BOG’s Relationship with Milton Roy

Bell Oil & Gas is the sole channel partner of Milton Roy in Nigeria and is set to have an accredited service center for the company in Africa.

The relationship between Milton Roy and BOG is mutually beneficial. Over the years BOG has been able to expand the market scope of Milton Roy by ensuring the presence of MR pumps on platforms of the IOCs, Marginal operators, Refineries and Process companies in Nigeria. This has generated rapid sales growth and profit.


Details about products and services

Milton Roy offers the following products and services

Chemical Injection Skids 

Side -entry mixers


Gas odorization system


Technology & Applications

The latest innovation of Milton Roy is the PrimeRoyal X and the Mega Royal diaphragm processing series. The Prime-Royal X was recently inculcated into the Prime-Royal family. It is designed to provide accuracy in the most challenging environment (up to 20,000psi (1,372 bar).

Prime-Royal Pump

The Mega-Royal is a pump certified with API 675 and API 674 standards. It has same drive as the Power Royal pumps (API 674) and the liquid end is diaphragm with hydraulic oil command and internal safety valve as per API 675. It is used for high pressure liquid injection and transfer in Petro-chemical process applications and other key industries.

Mil-Royal pump


Standards and Quality

MR has put in place processes to achieve excellence in customer service delivery. The processes include:

Cost Estimation Competence: This has to do with meeting customers expectations. It provides in-depth study of project: Highlighting the specifications, guidelines, assessments and pre-clarifications. This also ensures that offers are submitted without delay using specialist software developed by Milton Roy for cost assessment.

Design Engineering Competence: This is essential for package manufacturing, the general arrangement drawings, P&ID’s, detailed and isometrics drawings are executed using powerful softwares (Unigraphics and AutoCAD).

Project Management Competence: Beginning with the receipt of the purchase order and at each step of the project. Milton Roy project engineers provide specific responses to all questions. In their role as advisors and experts. They support the project from start to completion and delivery, including inspections and trails, thus ensuring the success.

Purchase Department Competence: The purchase department competence is made up of  technical purchasers who submit all contractual specifications to sub-contractors and suppliers thereby, ensuring compliance to technical specifications. This team also manages a panel of best level suppliers recommended by Milton Roy or prescribed by contract provisions. Contractual Documentation Competence: This is a value-added service and an essential element of the contract.


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