What The OEM Does And Where They Are Based

Goodwin International is globally recognised and approved for its design, manufacture and supply of dual plate and axial type check valves. They are located in the heart of England in Stoke-on-Trent. Applications of Goodwin check valves can be found in pipelines, process plants, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants, power plants, refineries, water plants, chemical and fertilizer plants. The valves are used to control the flow of oil and other liquids, prevent back flow and protect equipment.

Our Relationship With The OEM

Bell Oil and Gas has an exclusive representation for Goodwin as we are her only representative in Nigeria.

The Benefits Of The Relationship

One of the areas we have benefited from our relationship with Goodwin is on response to enquiries. Goodwin is very fast in sending quotations to us thereby making it easy for us to meet up with deadlines on submissions. Also, they are always willing to listen to the clients’ complaints and proffer solutions to clients’ problems. With Goodwin, we are able to respond to our clients on critical technical issues. Goodwin is indeed a solution provider in check valve business.

Products And Services They Offer

Goodwin manufactures axial type and dual plate check valves. The valves come in all the end connection types (flanged, butt-weld, hub-end) with different design options. Sizes range from 2 inches to as big as 144 inches and pressure rating is from API class 150 up to class 2500.

Latest Innovations

Goodwin just added a new technology to its product list called Axial Isolation and Control Valves. The new product is an actuated axial flow valve and will be both an Isolation Valve and a Control Valve. Goodwin has intention of developing and extending the use of this new valve into a high-integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS), choke and subsea applications.

Streamlining The Impact Of The Fall In Oil Prices

Due to the current slide in oil price, Goodwin is adjusting its pricing to remain competitive in the market. This they are doing by cutting down on their business travels, participation in some exhibitions e.t.c. They have also modified their production process to cut down cost of production by bringing in automation to substitute human labour where possible.

Standards And Quality

Goodwin valves are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in accordance with Quality Assurance System accredited by BSI to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. All bodies and plates are certified to BS EN 10204 3.1 as minimum.

A Goodwin Axial Check Valve


Goodwin Dual Plate Check Valve


A Non-Slam Goodwin Check Valve

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