Ingersoll Rand Business

Ingersoll Rand (IR) is a diversified industrial manufacturer with leading brands, serving customers in industrial, commercial and residential markets. Its products range include: compressor systems, power tools, ARO Pumps and lifting and material handling equipment. IR is BOG’s technical partner for centrigugal and rotary screw compressors and pumps.

Our relationship with Ingersoll Rand

BOG is the Channel Partner of IR in Nigeria, representing IR’s compressed air systems, power tools, ARO pumps and lifting and material handling equipment. This mutually beneficial relationship has spanned for many years. The first relationship deal was established in 2009.

The Benefits of the relationship to us and the OEM

BOG promotes IR products in Nigeria, helping stem competition from other manufacturers. This in-turn increases IR’s turnover, adding to the company’s global bottom line. Also, BOG takes ownership in Nigeria, benefitting from trainings given to its workforce to be able to handle IR products. As a channel partner, BOG’s bottom line is also increased from products sales and service-related businesses. At the end, it is a win-win for both IR and BOG.

Products and Standards

IR products range are from compressor systems, power tools, ARO Pumps and lifting and material handling equipment.

The compressor system is made up of a compressor, a storage tank, filters and dryers among others. The air is compressed by the electric motor driven compressor, dried and filtered for quality before being transmitted to the production process. They are applied in the oil and gas, automobile, pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries. Ingersoll Rand compressors are American Petroleum Institute (API)-certified.

IR power tools are either air-driven or powered by dry cells. They are used for bolting and unbolting, screwing, hammering, grinding and drilling. Examples are drills, torque multipliers, grinders, polishers, etc.

ARO pump is a group of transfer pumps that could be diaphragm or air-powered piston pumps. They are a smart choice for fluid-handling products for industrial operations. The piston pumps can be used for transfer, extraction, coating and dispensing fluids of different viscosity. Most of the ARO diaphragm pumps are Atmosphere Explosive (ATEX)-certified (CE Ex11 2GD X).

IR’s lifting and material handling equipment are a family of extremely durable winches, hoists and other ergonomic systems for lifting extremely tough materials. They find application in the engineering workshops, oil and gas rigs, etc.

Response to prevalent circumstances

Aside making off-the-shelf items, IR is poised to make bespoke solutions for its clients. Through BOG, several bespoke compressor system skids have been designed and delivered to clients.

A Centrifugal Air Compressor


ARO pump


An Ingersoll Rand Compressor System


A lifting hydraulic hoist

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