What the Company does

OMB is a family-owned and operated group which has become a globally recognised manufacturer of forged steel valves for the Oil & Gas industry. It has its headquarters in Cenatesotto, Bergamo, Italy. Its operating plants are in Italy, Singapore, the United States of America (USA) and two joint ventures (JVs) in Saudi Arabia.

OMB has direct presence in the United Kingdom (UK), Japan, Korea, China and Canada, and a distribution network which covers all the major oil producing countries.

The OMB group has knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of valves for hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing plants, oil and gas offshore and onshore production and transportation and the energy industry.

Our Relationship with OMB

OMB is BOG’s technical partners for ball, gate, globe and check valves. OMB products range from 2-inch to 60-inch and pressure class ASME 150 to 2500, API 3000 to 10000psi;

  1. Ball Valves: A ball valve uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to control flow through it. There are different types of ball valves; lip type, compact type, flanged type and top entry type. Each with unique features.
  2. Gate Valves: also known as a sluice valve, usually opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid.
  3. Check Valves: are unidirectional valves which automatically open with forward flow and close against reverse flow. They are supplied to meet a wide variety of applications with the closing element in the piston, ball or swing type.
  4. Globe Valves: are closing-down valves in which the closure member is moved squarely on and off the seat. In this way the opening of the port is directly proportional to the travel of the disc. This proportional relationship is ideally suited for duties requiring regulation of flow rate. To have a further precision in regulation, the disc element can be available in the parabolic, needle or vee-port types.

Response to Prevalent Circumstances

OMB responds to prevalent process circumstances by manufacturing process valves with respect to the process design datasheet with a lead time that fits into any end user’s schedule. Also, with its cryogenic technology, a feature where a valve handles flow processes with very low temperatures as low as -1960C, OMB stands out, especially in processes with extremely low temperatures like Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) process applications.

Standards & Quality

Despite OMB’s popularity in the oil and gas sector, standards and quality have not been altered; it is bent on delivering process valves with favourable lead time as well as quality. OMB products are certified to meet a number of international standards; the European Union Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), International Organization for Standards (ISO), American Petroleum Institute (API), and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, (ASME).

Technology & Applications

OMB trunnion mounted ball valves are manufactured to API 6D and 6A specifications. The construction is side entry three piece full or reduced bore. Full bore valves are suitable for the passage of all types of pipeline scrapper and inspection pigs without causing damage to either the valve or the pig. All the valves are designed with anti-blow-out stem to prevent stem ejection by internal pressure. Body cavity over pressure is prevented by self-relieving seats, for double black and or emergency shut down valves and double piston effect seats are provided.

OMB is known for its variety of products that can be installed in a wide range of industries such as offshore, subsea, refining, petrochemical, etc.

Upcoming Trade Shows and Events

As part of its recognition, OMB will be exhibiting at the 3rd international Exhibition and conference on valves and flow control technologies called Industrial Valves Summit 2019, coming up in May 2019 in Bergamo, Italy.

Other relevant information about OMB

To expand its profile in valve production, OMB recently acquired Vogt valves, an independent member of the OMB Group specialized in manufacturing high quality valves. With this, OMB has not only expanded its profile but will also increase its quality in valve production with the world’s largest capacity for manufacturing forged steel valves.

Different types of OMB valves

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