What the OEM does and where they are based

Williams pumps specialises in producing pneumatically-driven metering pumps. In 1965, Williams Pumps revolutionized the natural gas industry when it developed the first pneumatically-driven metering pump designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Powered by air or gas, the pneumatic pump injects chemicals safely into hazardous or explosion-proof environments making it the right choice for remote locations where safety is top priority. Williams pumps set a new standard of precision and safety while offering the added benefit of simplicity and value to our customers.

Williams have offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with partners in different parts of the world.

Our relationship with the OEM

Williams Pumps is one of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) BOG represents. We have been representing them for about 10 years.

Benefits of the relationship

Williams pumps can be powered by air/gas. Thus, clients that have air/gas in their facilities find it easy to use Williams pumps. Instead of increasing their energy consumption, they use the available air/gas to power the pumps.

Products and Services

The Williams lines of pneumatic metering pumps are ideally suited to precisely inject a wide variety of chemicals designed to meet customers’ specific requirements. They are made from 316 stainless steel materials which offer superior chemical compatibility and resistance, in low volumes or high pressures. Plunger diaphragm, or hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps are also available. Some of the available products are as follows:

‘W’ Series Plunger Pumps

The Williams ‘W’ Series pump is capable of precisely injecting chemical into a wide variety of process applications. Whether you need to inject a catalyst in a reactor for a refinery or high-volume batch dosage treatments offshore such as biocides for water and fuel treatments. Made from chemical resistant 316 stainless steel to hold up to the harshest of environments from offshore to remote locations, Williams pumps keep your process going. Some of their features are as follows:

‘V’ Series Plunger Pumps

The ‘V’ Series pump is a range of compact, self-contained, pneumatic metering pumps suitable for injecting a wide variety of chemicals. The pump comes standard with a MK XIIA Controller (pneumatic air motor) which has an adjustment knob with a range of 3-45 strokes per minute. The pump also includes a micrometer adjustment which reduces the volume per stroke complete with a locking knob once desired volume is obtained. Some of its features include:

WILROY Series Hydraulically Diaphragm Pumps

The WILROY metering pump is a unique blend of Williams and Milton Roy pump technology utilizing the best features from both designs to create a new robust pump with unique features and proven technology. The WILROY utilizes the hydraulically actuated diaphragm of & the mRoy pump and the pneumatic drive of a Williams “V” Series plunger pump. This combination provides chemical containment of a low maintenance diaphragm with the convenience of a high turn down pneumatically operated pump with a stroke rate from 3-45 strokes per minute and along the ability to adjust the precise amount of chemical injected using the volumetric adjustment knob. A built-in replenishment of the hydraulic oil is achieved with the recirculation of every stroke of the pump while air is purged from the hydraulic oil ensuring repeatability and accuracy with every stroke of the pump. Some of its features include:


CLD Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Pumps

The pneumatic diaphragm metering pump consists of a liquid chamber and an air chamber separated by a diaphragm. In the liquid chamber, the suction (inlet) and discharge (outlet) ports have check valves that control the direction of the fluid flow. A pipe nipple connects the controller to the pump air chamber. In the air chamber, the air/gas power supply from the controller enters and exhausts through the pipe nipple connector. When the controller exhausts the air/gas supply, the liquid suction pressure and the return spring force the diaphragm backwards. The diaphragm stops when the end of the diaphragm stem, which is attached to the air chamber side of the diaphragm, collides with the end of the stroke adjuster. Some of its features include:

Latest Innovations

New technology has been developed with the new controller that is more accurate than the previous that was in the market. The latest innovation with this product is the new ceramic plunger. This plunger is made of a very resistant ceramic, even when the plunger falls, there will be no damage to it.

Standard and Quality

Williams pumps cultivate continuous improvement and reward measurable results. As a company, it takes responsibility for the quality of everything it does. Best practices are shared and problems solved for both internal and external customers. At Williams, suppliers are recognized as an integral part of the value chain that produces and delivers excellence. Williams pumps is ISO 9001 certified.

‘W’ Series Plunger Pump

‘V’ Series Plunger Pump


A WILROY Series Hydraulically Diaphragm Pump


A CLD Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Pump

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