The BOG GRE Team kick-started an 11-day project on the Etim Platform on March 21st. The Etim platform is situated at the Etim field located in OML-67 Offshore southeastern Niger Delta. Mobil Producing Nigeria(MPN) manages the platform. The scope of work covered the fabrication and repair of a failed custom-made 8″ Quick-Lock flanged spool inserted in a caisson.

Since the 8″ flanged spool failed, the platform has been unable to use its firewater system. This has caused safety and integrity concerns and has prevented direct flights to and from the platform.

The team successfully inspected, bonded, laminated and cured the 8″ flanged spool to a new pipe while adhering strictly to safety protocols. The repair reinforced the pipe’s mechanical strength, restored its lost integrity, and reinstated Etim platform’s firewater system.

BOG offers GRE pipes that are reasonably lightweight and have a high anti-corrosion property, making them more suitable for sea water applications when compared to carbon steel pipes. The smooth internal wall lining of the GRE pipes improves flow capacity. BOG also provides a team of certified and well-experienced personnel that provide spot-on installation and maintenance services.

The repaired 8” pipe undergoing the curing process

The completed and repaired 8” pipe on the Etim Platform

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