The Nigeria general industry is a very large market that is constantly expanding and growing. It has the potential l to generate massive revenues and contribute immensely to Nigerian economic growth and capital if it is strategically explored. Industries like Manufacturing, Water and Chemical Processing are included in this category.

Although the industries in this category are not big spenders when compared to their oil and gas counterparts, the strength of the industries lies in their numbers. Higher volume of businesses can be generated from general industries if the industry leaders and players deliberately make efforts to push for growth. Just like any other business, the sector is not a “walk in the park”.

To achieve outstanding results and growth, the following requirements must be addressed :

Use of High Quality/Reliable Equipment: The importance of the use of reliable/quality equipment cannot be over-emphasized. Quality equipment often guarantees a smooth and reliable operation n process for many years. Whatever equipment you are looking for, the chances are that the high-quality options are considerably more expensive than some of the more mid-level offerings available.

However, if you look beyond the initial cost of purchase and look at the cost over the item’s life you will understand why it is essential to choose quality over initial cost The use of quality equipment gives peace of mind to workers and operators of this equipment, and it will also enable the industries in this sector to meet the demand of their customers efficiently.

BOG as a service provider to industries in this sector understands this well. That is why we partner with reputable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that manufacture high-quality equipment.

Adequate Maintenance Planning: One of the key mistakes many industry players make is not paying adequate attention to the maintenance of equipment. The truth is most equipment do not fail suddenly, they give warning signs that indicate that there will be “fire on the mountain” in the nearest future, but these warnings are often ignored by the handlers of the equipment. This type of practice is very wrong and leads to a total shutdown of the business.

Engaging approved OEM representatives for services and supply of spares: The only people that have the required competence to handle any equipment are the manufacturers of the equipment ( the OEMs ) or their representatives.

It is very essential to deal directly with the OEMs or their representatives as this is the only way you can be sure that your equipment is in safe hands and that all the spares being used are original.

Using servicing companies that are “jack of all trade” scavenging for machines they can use as experiments often leads to regrets because, in the long run, their “trials and errors” will damage the machine and put the owner of the equipment into trouble, while incurring losses. These losses can be avoided If authorized OEM representatives s like Bell Oil and Gas are engaged.

Leveraging our skills, partnerships, expertise and experience in the oil and gas sector, BOG has made a strategic move to provide innovative solutions to clients in the general industries space. We currently deliver products, render after-sale support services and provide operations and maintenance services to the general industry.

-Damilare Adedapo – Product Specialist
Dosing Pump Systems

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