Recently, members of BOG’s Hydraulics Team fabricated 5 metric tonnes crane hoses at BOG’s Hydraulic Workshop in Port Harcourt. The hoses were used for maintenance work during the Total Exploration and Production Shutdown on Amenam Platform.

The Amenam Platform is located offshore in the Amenam-Kpono Field, astride offshore blocks OML 99 and OML 70, about 30 kilometres off the eastern part of Nigeria’s Niger Delta. Discovered in 1990, it is one of the largest conventional offshore developments in West Africa. It is operated by Elf Petroleum Nigeria, in partnership with ExxonMobil and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Water depth is 40m.

Cranes are used to lift personnel and heavy equipment during shutdown operations. They are powered by a hydraulic drive system; which is a quasi-hydro static drive or transmission system that uses pressured hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic hoses are the medium through which fluid is transmitted to do this.

Shutdown maintenance on cranes is done when there is need to carry out maintenance work on the crane components such as changing all the hydraulic hoses, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valves and the boom.

On this project, BOG engineers fabricated new hoses to change/replace the old hydraulic hoses. The crane is working perfectly on Amenam Platform where the shutdown operations are ongoing. The project lasted 5 days.


Hydraulic personnel crimping ¾-inch high pressure hose


Hydraulic personnel collecting crimp fittings for fabrication at the BOG Hydraulics Workshop in Port Harcourt

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