IR’s North French West Africa (NFWA) Services and Aftersales Manager (Compressed Air Systems), Mr. Philippe Thomann, visited BOG in September 2018.

During his visit, a joint client visit was made to African Foundries Limited in Ogijo, Ogun State where IR compressor systems are used in the production process.

An air compressor system is made up of a compressor for compressing the air, receiver tanks for storage, the dryer and filter for air treatment and a few pipes for connecting parts of the system. The air source is usually the environment. When the air passes through the compressor and is compressed, impurities are removed by the filter while the dryer removes water condensate. Ingersoll Rand is poised to design solutions that will always satisfy customer requirements.

IR compressors are electric motor-driven and could be reciprocating, centrifugal, oil-free or oil-flooded.

During the visit, there was a technical training on compressors, dryers and their accessories. Other critical discussions during the training centred on compressor and dryer selection, business review and the upcoming Nigerian Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (NOG) 2019.

Thomann took the Business Development and Rotating Equipment teams in our Port Harcourt office through the technical and commercial considerations while selecting IR products for customers.

The visit impacted on BOG as it was used as an avenue to train members of the BOG team on new IR innovations and brand positioning to serve clients better.

Ingersoll Rand’s North French West Africa (NFWA) Services and Aftersales Manager for Compressed Air Systems, Mr. Philippe Thomann (left), during a session with BOG’s Business Development and Rotating Equipment Teams in the Port Harcourt office.

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