Twenty Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Technology (PGDPT) students of the Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPS), University of Port-Harcourt, were on a one day Field Trip to our Port Harcourt facilities on Thursday, 26th October 2017. The purpose of the visit was to expose the students to BOG business offerings and how the offerings relate with their courses in general. In particular, it was to avail the students with practical/hands-on learning of Multi Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) skids and a demo of how they work.

Well Testing Unit
During the tour, the students had the opportunity to see the Haimo MPFM and its uses in Well Testing campaigns were explained to them. The students interacted with the operators of the MPFM; they physically examined it and were made to understand how it works. This was a good opportunity for them because the MPFM is not commonly found in Nigeria.

They were also shown other equipment used in a Well Testing rig up process using the MPFM. Among the equipment they saw were:
• Bypass manifold
• Choke manifold
• Coflexhip hoses and rotary hoses
• Ranarex gravitometer
• Pipes and elbows
• Flanges and ACME connections of various sizes.

The process flow of a reservoir effluent during well testing activity using the MPFM was explained to the students, just as the operating principles of the HAIMO MPFM were detailed; the Venturi measures the mass flow rate; the single gamma 1 & 2 measures the Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) while the dual gamma measures the Water Liquid Ratio (WLR).

Composite Pipes Unit
At the Composite Pipe Systems Unit, the students were introduced to different types of the NOV composite pipe products, their chemical compositions and applications.
The students were made to understand that Glass Fibre Re-inforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe system is an alternative solution to the conventional steel pipes that are vulnerable to corrosion.

In the Spooling Workshop, the students were shown how the Bomax machine works. The machine is used for cutting pipes of various diameters to precision. They were also shown the different pipe shavers on display and were told their various functions. Pipe shavers are used for surface preparation (shaving of Spigot) on cut spool ends prior to bonding.

They also sighted the chemical storage container used to ensure that the chemicals stored in it do not drop below or exceed the required storage temperature. The vacuum unit was shown to the team as well. It is used to extract fibre dust from the fabrication workshop to the collection point through flexible hoses.

In addition, the students had the opportunity to see the air compressor unit. The compressor is used to pressurize finished spools during hydrotest. Hydrotest is conducted to ascertain the integrity of the spool. The students also had the opportunity to see numerous sizes of pipes and pre-fabricated spools.

Hydraulics Unit
At the Hydraulics Unit, there was a demo of how the Unit assembles hoses of different types for different applications by way of crimping/swaging fittings/couplings on them based on client’s specification. The crimped hoses are pressure-tested to ascertain the integrity of the hoses before delivering them to client’s site. The parameters hydraulic engineers get when they go to client facilities for hose measurement or hose survey were also highlighted to the students.

Rotating Equipment Unit
While at the BOG Rotating Equipment Service Centre, the students were introduced to Rotating Equipment products and services. Some of these include: Sundyne pumps, Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors, Milton Roy Metering Pumps and BOG Dosing skid. They were also exposed to workshop equipment and tools.

Sundyne Pumps are used for transferring fluid from a low-pressure side to a high-pressure side and can handle fluid in liquid and gaseous states. They are used in hydrocarbon processing plants, petro-chemical plants, and fertilizer processing plants.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors are used to deliver compressed air. They may be engine driven or electric motor driven, depending on application and working environment. The different categories of these compressors were shown to the students.

Rotary Screw Compressors were also shown to the students. Rotary Screw Compressors are used to supply instrument air and hydro-test applications. They are found in food processing plants, breweries and in the civil/mining industry.

The students were also privileged to see Milton Roy Metering Pumps. They are used majorly for dosing and metering applications because they can produce a calculated amount of fluid in a process line. They are used in chemical/petrochemical plants, water treatment plants, power and gas plants.

The students had the opportunity to see so many Workshop Equipment at the Rotating Equipment Service Centre. Some of these include: gearbox overhaul stand, dry ice freezer, Durocell Ovens, Mobile high pressure washing machine, steam washing machine, overhead crane, pipe rack, work benches, table vices, BOG Milton Roy dosing skid and a 10-ton hydraulic press.

Overall, BOG demonstrated its commitment to giving back to the society by accepting to have the students at our facilities in Port-Harcourt and also giving the students value-adding demonstrations.

Group photo with the students

John Ossia (1st left) Well Test Operator of BOG, explaining to the students the functions of the by-pass manifold.

Cross section of the students being shown spooled composite pipes at the BOG Spooling Yard in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

BOG Senior Field Service Engineer – Hydraulics, Coleman Okonkwo, explaining the functions of Hydraulic Equipment in hose fabrication

Sylvester Ogheneochuko, Field Service Engineer – Rotating Equipment, explaining to the students how Sundyne HMD KONTRO centrifugal pump operation is done.

Sylvester Ogheneochuko, Field Service Engineer – Rotating Equipment, explaining how T30 IR air compressor operates to the UNIPORT students on their internship programme.

Cross Section of the students during a QHSE induction on arrival at BOG office in Port Harcourt


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Ebi Dike

Operations Manager

Ebi Dike is a dynamic and results-oriented operations and project manager. With a successful track record and specialization in pipeline and piping operations and projects spanning over 15 years, Ebi has consistently delivered exceptional results in complex and challenging project environments.
Ebi’s strong leadership abilities have allowed him to effectively coordinate cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration, and ensuring seamless communication throughout project lifecycles. Since his involvement in the Bonga FPSO project in 2004, Ebi has lead project teams on other FPSOs like Erha, Agbami, Akpo, Usan, and Egina. He has also led project teams on other offshore and land production facilities like Total’s Ikike Project, Chevron’s DSO – Meren GGCP & SONAM Projects, Interplant Corridor Escravos Pipeline Project, and Abiteye Sewage Treatment Plant Project.
Ebi’s technical expertise is complemented by his in-depth knowledge of industry regulations, safety protocols, and quality control standards. He consistently applies best practices and innovative solutions to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and minimize risks. His ability to analyze complex situations and make data-driven decisions has proven invaluable in resolving challenges and delivering successful outcomes. As Operations Manager, Ebi is responsible for managing cross-functional field operations and delivering various complex projects across an array of clients.
Ebi has a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Geology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Information Technology, both from Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He holds certifications in relevant areas such as piping design, equipment maintenance, safety, quality, and project management methodologies. He has also completed several training programmes in engineering design, construction, management, and improvement in operational processes. Ebi also actively pursues continuous learning opportunities and stays updated with the latest industry advancements.
Beyond oil and gas services, Ebi has interests in Systems and Design thinking, Data analytics, Agile concepts and principles, Lean Six Sigma principles, and emerging technologies. He is also an avid reader of different genres. Ebi is keen on making contributions to positively impact his immediate environment and the society at large.

Aigbe Abohi

Finance Manager

Aigbe Abohi is a seasoned professional with almost 10 years cognate industry experience in areas of accounting, financial management, financial planning and reporting, budgeting, and operational finance.

Prior to joining Bell Oil and Gas, he was a General Ledger Manager at Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc where he was responsible for general accounting operations, financial reporting, suggesting, and implementing sound internal control procedures, designing standard operating procedure manuals, preparing annual audited financial statements, as well as leading and coordinating external audit exercises for various companies in the agro allied value chain. He had also functioned as a finance and accounts team lead in other organizations where he oversaw finance and management reporting, accounts payables and receivables, inventory, payroll as well as fixed assets management.

In his current role at Bell Oil and Gas, he is responsible for supervising the finance team, coordinating a variety of finance and accounts activities including general accounting, accounts payables, payroll and treasury management, financial reporting and budgeting amongst others.
He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Benin, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

His hobbies include studying, sports, music, movies and networking.

DR. (Engr). Chima Ibeneche

Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. (Engr.) Chima has over 31 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He spent his first three years with Schlumberger where he started out in 1978. He joined The Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 1986. Chima was sent overseas on assignment as Senior Petrophysicist, Land Operations, in  Nederlandse Aardolle Maatschaappij, a Shell/ Esso company in Assen, northern Netherlands. He returned to Nigeria in 1989 to become the Divisional Chief Petrophysicist. He was later appointed Chief Petroleum Engineer in the Western Division of The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC).

Dr. Chima drilled the first horizontal well in Shell’s operations in Nigeria. From 1994 to 1999, he served as the Petroleum Economist for Europe and Africa at Shell International Headquarters in The Hague, Holland; Acting Petroleum Engineering Manager, Western Division; Human Resources Manager; and Deputy Development Director and Corporate Well Engineering Manager and Service Director at SPDC. In 2004, he became the Managing Director of Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo), pioneering offshore and deep-water exploration and production operations in Nigeria and bringing on stream the Bonga field. Chima joined NLNG in 2008 as the first Nigerian Managing Director from The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC), a position he held between 2008 and 2012. During the same period, he was the Executive VP of Bonny Gas Transport Limited.

As the Chairman Board of Directors in Bell Oil & Gas, he is responsible for leading the Board on strategic matters and guiding the company on its strategic direction. Dr. Chima holds a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a Doctorate Degree Honoris causa in Production Management from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Institute of Directors and the Nigerian Economic Summit Group. He is also the former president of the Nigerian Gas Association and a fellow of the Energy Institute of London. He also serves on the board of several notable companies.


Position: Assistant General Manager

Ejiro Erivona has over 20 years of international experience in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. His expertise spans Business Operations Management , Business Development, Contracts and process management in the oil service industry as well as the Exploration and production segment of the Oil and Gas Business. 

He has managed key business divisions for various multinationals like Falcon, General Electric and Baker Hughes, working in various countries in Africa and North America, leading multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to achieve stellar business outcomes. Most recently, he held the position of Senior Manager, Operations at Nigeria’s Major E&P Independent- Conoil Producing Nigeria. 

Experienced in business startups, as well as new business generation, Ejiro has a track record of closing major deals in the IOCs, NOCs and marginal field operators in the sub-continent. 

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the university of wales and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Benin. He is also an alumnus of the Administrative College of India ( ASCI) 

Ejiro has a “Black Belt” in people and change management and has pursued the same with great flair. 


Chief Executive Officer

With a solid background in corporate strategy, business development, project management, business analysis and supply chain management, gained from key positions with various blue chip organisations, Kayode has many years international and domestic experience in driving businesses to achieve their strategic and corporate goals.

Prior to Bell Oil & Gas Ltd, he managed and delivered various strategic projects for multi-national corporations in Europe including business process re-engineering, organisation design, change management, ERP solutions, mergers & acquisitions, and post-merger business integration. He held strategic positions in different organisations including the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (London office), British Telecommunications (UK), Johnson & Johnson (UK), Cable & Wireless (UK) and GlaxoSmithKline (UK) where he managed and developed supply chain processes, new product introduction models, sales and operations planning policies, product rationing strategies, customer services and performance management methodologies across Europe. His various achievements led to him being named the Glaxo Wellcome IIP Award winner in 1998.

A finalist at the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and a founding director of Bell Oil & Gas, Kayode is a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record of leadership in cross-functional teams. At Bell Oil & Gas Ltd where he has held the position of CEO since inception, Kayode is responsible for corporate strategy, business planning, major projects development, change management, corporate governance, strategic alliances, brand management and corporate social responsibility. He is also responsible for the overall direction, growth and expansion of the company.

A strong advocate of continuous learning, Kayode is an ardent reader of a range of books covering leadership, motivation, relationship building, crime, autobiographies, and Christian literature. He is also a presenter and speaker at international conferences with specific interests in Strategic Alliances, Nigerian Content, and Entrepreneurship.

Kayode is an avid animal lover, with interests in exotic breeds of dogs, parrots, horses and wildlife. He is also a staunch Formula 1 follower, a lover of cricket, rugby, snooker, polo and sailing.

A Harvard Business School and Warwick Business School alumnus, Kayode is a highly motivated and articulate professional who brings with him, deep business insights, strategic thinking, and extensive management and business development experience and expertise spanning many key business areas.

A Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Kayode serves on the board of a number of companies, including several start-ups, provides advisory services to many organisations, within and outside the oil industry and supports young aspiring entrepreneurs in translating ideas into business reality. Kayode is also the founder and chairman of Rifugio Communications, a leading mobile phone retail and enterprise solutions provider in Nigeria. He holds a B.SC (Hons) Degree in Physics, an MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Systems, an MBA and a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with research interest in Strategic Alliances and Implications for Local Capacity Development in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry.

Kayode is a member of the Institute of Directors, the Nigerian Institute of Management and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC-Nigeria).

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