Milton Roy Side Entry Mixer

Milton Roy is the world’s leading manufacturer of controlled-volume metering pumps and equipment that delivers unsurpassed reliability and accuracy in critical chemical dosing applications. Milton Roy has offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

Milton Roy Europe is a Bell Oil and Gas technical partner, located at Pont ST Pierre, Normandie, France. There are 83 companies in the Milton Roy Europe corporate family.

Milton Roy plays a role in the oil and gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream) and general industry where they manufacture pumps and pumping equipment.

Some of the products Milton Roy offer include :

Milton Roy side-entry mixers
A side-entry mixer is a mixing equipment that can only be mounted on the side and not at the top nor the bottom of a storage tank. Mixers are designed to blend or purify.

Milton Roy side-entry mixers have been developed for large-volume storage tanks. They are known to deliver the most effective blending results.

Large mixing volumes: The mixer is designed for tanks up to 200,000 m³ (1.3 MM barrels). The high liquid jet amplitude propelled by our impeller allows the moving of large volumes using less power.

Easy installation and maintenance: This compact side-entry mixer has been designed specifically to mount on the tank’s lateral flange and with lightweight, custom impellers, it can be installed quickly and easily. Its exclusive seal shut-off device allows for safe, fast, and easy maintenance or replacement of the mechanical seal without emptying the tank.

Low power consumption: Innovative, proven sabre impeller uses less energy to mix the tank contents effectively.



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