The Area Sales Manager of Milton Roy (MR), Brice Marshal, visited BOG in September 2018. The visit was to further consolidate the positioning of MR products and offerings by making joint client visits.

Milton Roy is one of the most reliable manufacturers of metering/dosing pumps, chemical injection skids and mixers. They have kept improving on their metering and mixing technology for over 80 years. BOG is the exclusive representative of Milton Roy Europe (MRE) in Nigeria.

The metering/dosing pumps and chemical injection skids combine flow and pressure parameters to inject precise quantity/volume of chemicals in a process at certain intervals. This injection need arises because of the desire for performance and continuity in these processes. Typical applications of these pumps are in petrochemical and oil and gas industries.

Mixers, another product of MR, are used to maintain homogeneous solutions. They are also applied in oil and gas industries and in water treatment.

Brice and BOG representatives made joint client visits to Total, Port Harcourt Refinery Company Limited (PHRC), Notore Chemical Industries, Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals and Dover Engineering, among others. The aim was to better position MR products on dosing packages and mixers.

The visit from MR was impactful to both BOG and its clients. They availed the clients the opportunity of asking factory-related questions and put them in a better position to know what they need in their systems. Also, they were advised on the need to have a routine maintenance culture to enhance the life of their machinery.

There was also an in-house refresher product training for BOG’s Business Development and Rotating Equipment Teams in the Port Harcourt office. The training was centered on Milton Roy’s product ranges, specifications, product advantages and selling points.

Milton Roy’s Area Sales Manager, Brice Marshal (standing), during the in-house training for BOG’s Business Development and Rotating Equipment Teams in Port Harcourt.

Milton Roy’s Area Sales Manager, Brice Marshal (4th from right) and member of BOG’s Business Development and Rotating Equipment Teams.

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