The Ubit Field is located in Oil Mining Lease (OML) 67 southeast of the Niger Delta. It is a Joint Venture (JV) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Mobil Producing Nigeria. Ubit has approximately 2.4 billion barrels of oil. It came into existence in the early 1970s and comprises of a number of satellite Wellhead Platforms that produce FWS fluids to the Ubit production platform where the produced fluids are treated in 2-phase (gas/liquid) separators.

Ubit Fabrication Project is a Mobil project divided into two scopes and contracted to Aveon Offshore and Project Masters Nigeria Limited (PMNL). The two scopes cover the supply and fabrication of Fire Water Fibre Glass Re-inforced Plastic (FRP) piping works and the fabrication, installation and hydrotest of Glassfibre Re-inforced Epoxy pipes (GRE) and Copper-Nickel (CuNi) materials.

Mobil is upgrading the Ubit platform to accommodate four new production separator vessels. The first scope is related to the firewater piping within the four (4) separator skids, while the second scope comprises of the fire water header lines feeding the entire platform. The project will reduce excessive internal pipe corrosion during operations on the platform.

Fabricated spools were delivered to Aveon Offshore in May 2019 while final documentation is ongoing. We are on the verge of mobilizing to site to complete the installation scope of the project.

With the successful completion of the project, the relationship between BOG and Mobil has continued to blossom.

BOG personnel with Mobil/PMNL representatives during the Ubit fabrication spool verification exercise in our Composite Pipe Fabrication Yard in Port Harcourt.

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