As part of BOG’s business expansion drive, a new partnership agreement has been signed with Raccortubi Group. Raccortubi Group is an Italian manufacturer of stainless steel pipes and stockist of buttweld fittings. The group was founded in 1949. The group comprises three companies: Raccortubi S.p.A, Petrol Raccordi and Tecninox.

Raccortubi S.p.A specializes in stocking of high quality materials from manufacturers. They are stockists of materials from only the highest quality manufacturers on major international oil companies (IOCs)’ approved manufacturers list (AML).

Petrol Raccordi manufactures hot-formed butt weld fittings in stainless steel, duplex, super-duplex and special alloys from ½ inch up to 56 inches. Raccortubi completed the acquisition of Petrol Raccordi in 2014. Petrol Raccordi is on Shell’s Technically Accepted Manufacturers and Products (TAMAP) list and also on Chevron, Mobil and Total’s Approved Manufacturers List (AML) for fittings manufacturers.

Tecninox manufactures cold-formed butt weld fittings in stainless steel, duplex, super-duplex and special alloys from ½ inch up to 16 inches. Raccortubi opened Tecninox in 1988.

As stockists, Raccortubi holds comprehensive stock range for the following:

Prior to the agreement with Raccortubi, BOG had no Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) represented in-country for fittings, flanges and stainless steel pipes and we were hitherto excluded from participating in bids for these items. This relationship opens up sales opportunities for BOG and broadens our scope of supply under our line pipes offering.

In addition, Raccortubi has indicated interest in working with us to increase our local content value by investing in-country; starting with a stock yard and eventually a small manufacturing plant.

From left: Kayode Thomas, CEO, BOG; Anthony English of Raccortubi; and Yemi Gbeja, Supply Chain Manager, BOG; during a visit to BOG for the finalization of a new partnership agreement.

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