A team of three Nigerian Nuclear RegulatoryAuthority (NNRA) officials led by a SeniorInspector – Mfon Utah visited our facilities in Port Harcourt on August 27th, 2020 for  an inspection in accordance with section 16(2) of the  Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act of 1995. This is part of the process to secure approvals for the renewal of our licenses for the storage, transportation, and usage of the radioactive sources.
We use the radioactive sources (Americium 241) in our Well Testing Operations, along with our HaimoMultiphase Flow Meters (MPFM) to measure the flowrate of oil, water, and gas without separation.

The radioactive source is transported to a well site in a shielded container, which means exposure to the public is very low. It is used by our trained personnel and radiation exposure of that personnel is monitored.

The goals of the inspection included:

– To ensure that the life, health, property, and environment at BOG are safeguarded from the harmful effect of ionizing radiation.
– To know how effectively BOG has been complying with the regulations that guide
radioactive source handling in Nigeria.
– To determine and verify the effectiveness of the conformity with contractual and regulatory requirements of NNRA.
– To contribute to the improvement of the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act of 1995 and its performance.

At the end of the Audit, NNRA officials confirmed that BOG is actively implementing and adhering to the appropriate regulations of the NNRA.

Three MPFM Rigged up Together For Simulation Test

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