Following the launching of the new Axial Isolation and Control valves by Goodwin International in 2016, Bell Oil and Gas (BOG) has been engaging various oil and gas companies in Nigeria on the new product.

Goodwin International is globally recognized and approved for its design, manufacture and supply of Dual plate and Axial type check valves. They are located in the heart of England in Stoke-on-Trent. Applications of Goodwin check valves can be found in pipelines, process plants, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants, power plants, refineries, water plants, chemical and fertilizer plants where they are used to prevent back flow and protect equipment. BOG has an exclusive representation for Goodwin as we are its only representative in Nigeria.

Earlier in March 2018, BOG made a presentation on the new products to the Instrumentation, Process, and Piping teams of Impac Engineering.

During the presentation of the new product range, axial isolation, control and choke valves were showcased to the customer. The highpoint of the presentation was the introduction of the High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) to the Impac Engineering Instrumentation Team. The HIPPS isolates low pressure regions from high pressure regions, by creating a barrier between the two regions.

The team showed appreciable interest in the special feature of the product especially as it regards the quick closure time (irrespective of the size of the valve) which is a great improvement over the conventional ball valve applications.

A presentation on Goodwin new axial products to Impac Engineering Team.


Goodwin Axial Control Valve


Goodwin Axial Isolation Valve

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