Modern Occupational Health and Safety has significantly improved health in the workplace by reducing accidents and preventing occupational diseases. However, it has become obvious that occupational health and safety alone cannot address these diseases. By promoting health in the workplace organizations will see a reduction in sickness-related costs and an increase in productivity. These result from healthier workforce with increased motivation, higher morale and improved working relationships. Workplace Health Promotion is a modern corporate strategy which aims at preventing ill-health at work (including work-related diseases, accidents, injuries, occupational diseases and stress).

In the light of this, on the 29th October and 7th December 2015, the Human Resources Unit, in conjunction with the QHSE Team, organized a Personnel Health Improvement Programme in our Lagos and Port Harcourt offices respectively. The programme focused on how to avoid chronic conditions that could arise from the workplace.

Health Checks were also conducted on BOG staff to test for blood pressure and blood sugar level.


A medical doctor (left) from Hygeia HMO attending to Adesuwa Erhahon of the Human Resources Department during the Health Check.

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