Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) stands for four components of a responsible corporate management approach based on the belief that all accidents are caused by human error and are, therefore, preventable with better training and administration. BOG takes QHSE very seriously due to its value in preventing workplace incidences and importance in the oil & gas industry.

In June 2019, BOG’s QHSE Team organized a QHSE Forum for all its external providers. The forum aimed at fostering better cordial relations between BOG and external providers for overall improvement for both parties and easy adaptation to the ever-changing business world. Some of the services include: logistics and transport services, potable water supply, corporate travel services, waste management and consultancy, fire safety equipment supply and maintenance, personal protective equipment and signs supply, among others.

During the forum, QHSE Team explained to the external providers the significance of the exercise, especially in terms of improvement in quality of service delivery and to update BOG’s approved vendor/suppliers’ database.

Specifically, all the suppliers present at the forum were implored to improve on quality of products and services, pricing, packaging, invoicing, delivery time and response time.

Critical QHSE issues to strengthen mutual relations and maintain zero incidence between BOG and the external parties were identified and discussed. Some of them include:

At the end of the forum, participants expressed satisfaction with the points raised during the forum. This has helped BOG to begin a new era in its relationship with its external providers.

Cross section of external providers at BOG’s QHSE Forum for External Providers held in Lagos.

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