Five BOG personnel were deployed for repair works on a leaking spoolable Glass Fibre Epoxy (GRE) flowline at Amukpe Liquid Treatment Facility. The project started on 16th June 2017 and was completed on 21st June 2017.

It involved the repair on 6 inches spoolable GRE pipeline along Amukpe right of way. The repair consists of four joints with 2 pipe-to-pipe connectors; an approximate of 10 metres of pipe length. It also involved surfaces preparation, reaming and beveling, installation of pipe-to-pipe connectors, tightening of connector nuts and insulation of the installed connectors.

In order to allow for a smooth repair work, the spoolable pipeline was isolated at the service end and decommissioned. The line was escavated and the leak region was cut off.

The replacement spoolable pipe was measured and cut to size, its edges were reamed, O-ring placed on the mandrel of the connector and anti-friction gel applied.

A functional test at 100bar was carried out and the line held the pressure.

Lastly, complete backfilling, reinstating and commissioning of the line were done.

Reaming of the 10-metre cut pipe for sectional replacement of the leaking point.


Repaired joints for function testing and final backfilling


Escavation to get to the point of repair

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