Three (3) BOG Field Service Personnel were deployed to General Electric’s Greenville site in Rumuji, Rivers State for the repair of Sundyne Compressors following complaints that the studs and nuts used in assembling the compressors had become rusty. Two units of Sundyne compressors were worked on. On site, BOG Field Service Engineers (FSEs) disassembled the compressors from the base and the studs were changed. The compressors had not been commissioned at the time of repair. Essentially, the repair was carried out on the outer parts of the compressors (change of studs) and coating of seal housing.

BOG FSEs installed new steel studs and nuts from Sundyne, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The seal housing was also removed from the compressor end and the studs were changed. The seal housing was coated with antirust chemicals and afterwards the compressors were reassembled. The repair lasted 5 days.

Above and below: BOG Rotating Equipment Field Service Engineers (FSEs) reassembling a Sundyne Compressor Unit at General Electric’s Greenville Site, Rumuji, Rivers State.

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