The Business Development Manager (BDM) for Vonk Choke Valves (Emerson Automation Solutions), Martijn Wiggers, paid a visit to Nigeria in April 2018 for a BOG-Vonk road show with clients. Choke valves are used on Well Heads and Christmas trees during crude oil production process.

Vonk is a manufacturer of heavy duty Choke valves used in the in the oil and gas industry and for underground gas storage. Vonk has been in the industry for over 50 years. Vonk choke is excellent in handling severe conditions of corrosion and it has a very simple four-parts design which comprises of protecting brush, turning fork, front disc and bean. These parts make it very easy for clients to maintain the chokes.

The road show included visits to many clients in Lagos and Port Harcourt. In Lagos, the BOG-Vonk team, comprising Wiggers and business development executives from BOG, visited and delivered technical presentations on choke valves to the Drilling Team at Seplat Petroleum Development Company and the Operations Team at Oriental Energy. Technical presentations were also delivered to the Instrumentation Team at Makon Engineering and the Productions/Procurement Team at Lekoil Nigeria. While in Port Harcourt, technical presentations were made to BelemaOil Producing Limited and Impac Engineering.

The purpose of the visits was to discuss ways to improve on growth in sales of Vonk products and offerings, new products and applications, and to demonstrate to clients, the advantages of Vonk Choke over products from other competitors. Past project experiences were used to demonstrate these advantages.

The road show ended successfully with positive feedback from our clients. Various opportunities for Vonk Choke valves were identified during the road show as a result of increased awareness of the capabilities of the Choke valves, their applications, new designs and overall benefits.

Business Development Manager (BDM) for Vonk Choke Valves, Martijn Wiggers, making a presentation during the recent road show.

Martijn Wiggers and BOG’s business development executives at BOG Lagos Office.

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