While in Port Harcourt, the team from Ingersoll Rand, met with Rotating Equipment Manager, Yinka Adetuberu and other members of the Rotating Equipment (RE) team. They also met with our Business Development team.

Etienne and Phillipe facilitated a basic sales training on Instrument Air Compressor/Compressed Systems for the Rotating Equipment field Engineers and Product Specialists.

The training was on the design and selection of oil-injected/oil-free rotary screw instrument air compressors and dryers. The trainers took turns to discuss the basics of an air compressor and what a compressed system looks like. There were discussions on the basic design of a compressed system and its components as well as the parameters required to select a suitable compressed system. Participants at the training were able to identify the components of a compressed system, their features and how every one of them is connected to give an efficient compressed air application.

On the service aspect, Phillipe explained basic troubleshooting of a compressor. Existing requests from customers were used as case studies during the training.

On sales, Etienne explained the basic parameters for selecting a rotary screw air compressor (oil-free or oil-injected) for a customer. He emphasized the need to know the customer specification in terms of power rating, flow rate, pressure rating, cooling mechanism (air-cooled or water-cooled), oil-free or oil- injected) and quality of air expceted. These parameters will provide a guide in making a suitable selection for a compressed system.

For the dryers, the two types of Ingersoll Rand dryers (desiccant and refrigerant dryers) were looked at. Etienne also explained the processes required for the selection of a dryer for any compressed air application. At the end of the sessions, participants emerged better equipped to market and meet clients expectations in the compressor and dryer market space. The training lasted two days.

Etienne Hureaux of Ingersoll Rand making a point during the Sales Training on Instrument Air Compressor in Port Harcourt.

A group photograph of Training facilitators and particpants at the training



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