What the OEM does

Sundyne is a part of a group called Accudyne, which comprises of Sundyne, Milton Roy and Sullair. Sundyne manufactures high speed pumps, compressors and sealless pumps. They have offices in Arvada, Colorado and Dijon, France. The Dijon office is responsible for business in Africa.

Our relationship with the OEM

BOG has had a relationship with Sundyne for about 12 years. We are a channel partner to Sundyne in Nigeria. Sundyne also has confidence in BOG’s field service team to handle various field service requests, including sales, service, installation and commissioning of Sundyne pumps.

Details about Products and Services

Sundyne manufactures different models of pumps including API 610 OH1, API 610 OH2, API 610 OH3, API 610 OH5 and API 610 OH6. They are high speed single-stage integrally geared pumps. Sundyne also has single-stage integrally geared centrifugal compressors with models API 614 & API 617. Other models include: API 684 sealless pumps and API 610 BB1, API 610 BB2, API 610 BB3, API 610 BB4, API 610 BB5, API 610 BB6, API 610 VS1, API 610 VS2 & API 610 VS4 pumps.

Latest innovations

To boost their competitive advantage in the industry, Sundyne bought over Marelli pumps. Thus, they are able to present a wider scope of supply, especially for multistage pumps and machines on skids.

Streamlining the Impact of the Fall in Oil Prices

Inspite of the fall in oil prices, Sundyne remained competitive in the pricing of their products on all business prospects and projects.

Standards and quality

Sundyne is particular about standards and quality. To this end, Sundyne group releases engineering bulletins and updates showing the latest improvements made on their machines.

New Applications for Existing Products

Sundyne has recently been looking at reviving the HMD Sealless pumps. These pumps thrive on the magnetic drive technology and do not have mechanical seals, hence guaranteeing zero leakage in the production process. They are targeted at the water treatment, manufacturing and non-oil gas markets.

Sundyne API 610 OH2 pump

Sundyne API 610 OH6 pump

A Sundyne API 684 pump

A Sundyne centrigugal pump

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